This is your moment of glory or failure

If you have prepared for the interview and registered with legalroute we will already have let you know who will be interviewing you, the interview format, if any testing is involved and the requirements of the appointment. You may also have some additional background information about the company, for example there is a new overseas office opening in Milan in the next three months. This maybe very useful if you are going to be involved in any of the property aspects for the new builiding for example or if you are fluent in Italian etc.

Listen! Listen! Listen! this is 70% of the interview process. Think and mentally count to three before answering a question. This helps to ensure that you do not say anything that you may regret.

If you do not understand a question ask for it to be repeated.

Remember the interview is a two way process you are looking at them just as they are looking at you.

Do make some brief notes of the interview but be polite and ask the interviewers if they do not mind if you make a few notes during the interview.

Any questions - always have at least one question but no more than three as a 30 minute question time at the initial interview will not leave a good impression.

At the end of the interview ask the question, “'is there anything that I have said that may give you reservation regarding my ability to perform in the role on offer.” This gives you the opportunity to redress any initial concerns that the interviewer may have.

Ask the interviewer how long will it be before a decision will me made and confirm your interest.

Beware of the “lunch interview” refrain from drinking alcohol, if you relax too much you may say something you will regret!