Preparation is the key to a successful interview and to getting that legal role you desire. It is the little things that make the big difference.

How you reply to a question, punctuality, knowledge about the company or law firm and the key requirements of the appointment and your ability to meet those requirements will all be tested during the interview process.

The list below is not definitive but provides some key areas of preparation essential before that important interview day.

If you register and use legalroute some of this preparation work listed below will be carried out on your behalf.

  • Written confirmation including, date, time, and the person who you will be meeting.
  • The format of the interview eg one to one. Panel interview - who and how many people involved. is it a discussion type formal/informal is there any form of testing involved how long will you need to allow for the interview .
  • A map and directions to the interview location.
  • Plan your travel arrangements a few days beforehand and allow plenty of additional time for unexpected traffic delays.
  • If the location is within easy travelling distance it is worth carrying out a 'dry run' to the interview location to know the route you will be traveling.
  • Take extra copies of your CV.
  • Research the company history and background via Website, press articles etc.
  • Take documents if relevant to your interview application - eg membership of professional bodies etc.
  • Take the telephone number of the company should you need to call on the day if you are delayed.
  • Take paper and pen for making relevant notes during the interview.
  • Practice key interview questions and answer sessions with another person or your recruitment consultant at legalroute.